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Music group Alex & Ra ALMA

Alex’n’Ra Alma is unique musical group which creates beautiful with an upbeat mood, inspired by nature, travel and love of live. Through their songs the group aims to put across the idea that the secret of a life full of harmony, happiness and satisfaction lies in being closer to Nature. Only if you can really feel the Earth under your feet, can you fully develop and open up your potential as a person.

The group’s intention is to charge the world with positive feelings and light, and put forward an image of life in tune with the vibrations of Earth. The group predominantly tunes its music to 432 Hz – this is the vibration frequency that is consistent with the rhythms of the cosmos and proven by scientists to be most beneficial to humans. Musical instruments of ancient Egypt and other ancient civilization were pitched at this frequency; music is also used as a tool for healing. The group creates instruments pitched to 432 Hz and restores ancient Slavonic instruments. They use gusli, kugikly, kalyuka, zhaleika and others in their compositions.

Alex’n’Ra Alma brings together modern music styles with traditional tunes, and native motifs. Their texts are written in English and Russian. One of their main music styles is Russian mantras.

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A positive charge

Each song is inimitable group "Alex & Ra ALMA" filled with joy and fun! Recharge with positive energy right now!

The philosophy of freedom

The freedom to be yourself is one of the most important things in our lives. Guys carry this philosophy to the masses.

Free and open

Openness and emancipation both on stage and in live communication - it is something that you pay attention at acquaintance with the works guys.

Have and love people

The love of music, love of nature, love of children, love of people, love of life - that for us is priceless!

Spontaneity in action

Life is movement, life is action. The group "Alex & Ra ALMA" carry the light into this world by his actions, his works, his attitude to life!

Closeness to the people and roots

To appreciate nature, to contemplate her beauty, to be sincere means to be in Union with oneself and the surrounding world.


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Alexandra Alma